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China, Japan, and Korea are global top ten economies. And in spite of the pandemic all three countries have been conducting “business as usual” since mid-2020. Asia’s corporates continue to plan for the future and have an insatiable appetite for cutting-edge western tech.

Most tech executives in Asia appreciate the importance of working ‘face-to-face’, but is Zoom a good substitute? What are the other options when global travel is halted?

We’ve invited C-suite execs from three of our startup clients - actnano, DreamVu, and Willow Biosciences - to discuss why they chose to expand to Asia during an uncertain time. They’ll explain the challenges they faced and how they've laid the foundations for long-term growth in China, Japan and Korea - and closed a few customers along the way!

You’ll get a chance to hear their war stories and take part in a Q&A.

Listen to the Event Speakers

Jim Sheridan

COO, actnano

Mark Davidson

CRO, DreamVu

Simon Hickling, Ph.D.

SVP, Willow Biosciences

Thomas Shiekman

Host, Intralink

What's happening on the day? Event Schedule (PST)

08:00 AM Introduction
8:05 AM Jim Sheridan

Jim Sheridan COO, actnano

08:15 AM Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson CRO, DreamVu

08:25 AM Simon Hickling, Ph.D

Simon Hickling, Ph.D SVP, Willow Biosciences

08:35 AM Q & A

All Speakers

08:55 AM Outro

About Asia Business Connect

Welcome to Asia Business Connect - a community linking international businesses and experts to discuss all things Asia:

· From the basics of taking your first steps in a new market, to building long-term growth strategies
· From knowing how low to bow at your first meeting with a Japanese corporation, to signing the dotted line on your first deal with a Korean chaebol

We at Intralink have been advising and winning business for our clients in Asia for 30+ years now. Getting it right has been a bit of a trade secret. But we feel it's time to share some of that knowledge with the tech community more broadly. So, we've invited our in-house specialists, clients, industry partners and other interesting people to join the club and help us carry the conversation.

We’ll be holding an ongoing series of virtual and (before long, we hope) in-person seminars, talks, panels, hangouts, dinners, and get-togethers. And we'd like you to come along.

About Intralink

Intralink is an international business development and innovation consultancy with a deep specialism in East Asia.

We enable:

· western companies to expand in Asia
· Asian corporates to collaborate with global innovators
· government organisations to grow their regions' exports and attract foreign investment

With 90 full-time employees, a 30-year track record and 12 offices on three continents, we make your international expansion fast, easy and cost effective.

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